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Celebrating Ella: The First Lady of Jazz concert

Visual Arts

Kwanzaa Marketplace
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Join Harlem Arts Alliance at the 35th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration for a live and vibrant event filled day as we celebrate our community’s richness and wealth in one market place. Visit the International Marketplace featuring handmade crafts and fantastic one of a kind gifts for that special someone!



"Collage is more than just an art style. Collage is all about bringing different elements together. Once you form a sensibility about connection, how different elements relate to each other, you deepen your understanding of yourself and others."      

Collier's recent collaboration with award winning playwright, Daniel Beaty for the new children's book, Knock Knock:  My Dad's Dream for Me is the story of a boy's struggle to navigate his way toward manhood- not completely alone but without the presence of his father. Collier's vibrant watercolor/ collage illustration bring to life the story of loss, hope, making healthy choices and not letting the past define out future.


modern twist on the classics... Afrodesiac Worldwide offers a cultural reinterpretation of retro design.A marriage of metropolitan edge and retro elegance. Splashed with a burst of vivid color. Imprint your own personality on your look and enter the age of individuality.


The concept of the Sol Artz Jewelry line is to act as a ”talisman”  as in ancient times. The jewelry is worn to remind a woman that she has the power to create her own luck in society. She ensures to design all of the unique  hand crafted  pieces with love and intention. The jewelry is made with  semi-precious healing stones and sterling silver to ensure high healing energies.  Not only do her handmade pieces look attractive on the outside, they will enhance your own inner light. Sol Artz Jewelry will awaken your senses to a higher vibration. 

 Nerissa Marisol Rivers-Lawrence is a Holistic Creative specializing in stone energy, jewelry making and fashion as a way to align one’s inner light to the outside image. She is the founder of Sol Artz Jewelry which offers customers one-of-a-kind pieces that bring out the unique energy field of her clients. Her jewelry can be found at The Quest Theological Book Shop in New York City. Nerissa is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology with an emphasis on Fashion Merchandising, Color Fundamentals, Fashion Trends, and Product Development and has worked giving presentations to various audiences on how to express one’s inner light through creative art & self-imagery.




 Michele Ivey is a member of the Harlem Arts Alliance. Her wearable art can be found on, a shop named 'The Knit Diva 1' and has graced the covers of American Baby Magazine and Parents Magazine. She currently lives and works in Harlem, New York City.

Born in 1969 in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, Michele Ivey is a fiber artist who has been knitting and crocheting for over 35 years. Taught various methods of needlework by her maternal grandmother, she absorbed the teachings of the craft and spent countless hours over the years practicing and refining her fiber art style. KnitDiva1


ECOWRIST, LLC we believe in a universal sustainable culture which creatively blends art, work, love and health. The company was founded by husband and wife team David Gandy and MarQuerite Hamden in 2008. MarQuerite's  South American roots inspired the duo to reconnect with the various cultures of the vast continent. With hands in fashion, performing arts and sales the couple presents products that are works of art with dramatic appeal.  Our company strives for sustainability through recycling, the use of natural materials, and minimal wastes to ensure as little effect on the environment as possible. We follow fair trade practices to make sure everyone is happy from farmer to consumer.


Gaia’s Essence is a wellness company that provides quality products for natural and organic living. We specialize in unique selections of Loose Leaf Teas and Salt Free Seasoning Blends created for their health benefits and spectacular flavors.  Our goal is to provide affordable, nutritious options to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Our Core Values:  Global Respect, Natural KnowledgeSustainability 



Made completely from scratch using the cold process method, with raw ingredients and recipes created based on the craft our grandmothers and great grandmothers used to make ‘lye soap’.  Our soap is hand poured and hand cut.  This is soapmaking in the tradition of our ancestors.

Today, our soap is made with the same love and care that inspired our original bars of unscented soap, then lavender, then other varieities.  EvaOlivia’s soap line currently includes twelve soaps, six bath & shower gels, seven body butters, exfoliating body scrubs, bath salts, gift baskets, and more to come soon.



Jaw Droppers Jewelry & Designs is a fashion-funward accessory line based in New York and Seoul. It features eye-catching and head-turning pieces for those who dare to be different. This exquisite accessory line can jazz up a plain white tee or a little black dress. All limited editions, these treasures are hand-made and fair trade. Check them out at 



J Pinks is the Culturally Conscience Collection.  It consists of clothing and accessories that speak to who you are, where you came from and where you’re going.

Judy and Jerry Pinks have been in business for over 26 years with over 40 years of experience, culminating in a collection of timeless, sophisticated one-of-a-kind and limited production items that are an asset to any wardrobe.  Our styles feature a blend of textures and patterns that are primal, tribal and beautifully contemporary.

You can connect with us at "” where you’ll find a small representation of our line.  You will be able to visit us at the locations on our "events calendar” on our web site.  Also, you can visit us every second Saturday of the month at the Diaspora Art Mart @ YWCA located in Downtown Brooklyn.


Please, don’t forget us by attending the KWANZAA event at the Museum of Natural History, Saturday, December 28th, 2013!!!



AMCIBE NY  All Masters Creations in Blessed Enjoyment
By Designer Chris Morgan
Have you ever been walking down the street and saw someone wearing the same outfit as you?

Well at a young age I did, as an individual, this disturbed me to no end. That was when I decided I would not wear what everyone else was wearing. No trends for me, so I taught myself how to sew, went to various schools and became a Professional
Patternmaker, tailor, production manager, self taught hat Designer and Fiber Artist.

I have been sewing  and crafting for 47 years and I love to create wearable art utilizing the composition of different textures to create "ONE OF A KIND UNIQUE DESIGNS” and just like me the, hats I create are usually multifaceted (can be worn many ways)




For more than 40 years Aleathia Brown has been a driven and determined artist striving at making art with excellence. With 22 years professionally under her belt Aleathia has made her career in the arts with numerous solo and group exhibitions, her works have been in permanent collections as well as collected nationally and internationally by patrons and organizations.

Aleathia’s art tells a visual story and often translates music into line, movement and texture. Aleathia’s innate spirituality is present in the collection of her art. Aleathia’s artwork embodies vibrant color, unique style and is provocative. "Live Art” has been another of Aleathia’s passions exposing her viewing audience to the process and development of making art. In this body of work Aleathia spontaneously paints in front of an audience. The on stage experience comes alive accompanied by Spoken Word & Live Music. Audience participation is encouraged from time to time on a canvas hat & dress recycled from Ms. Brown’s futon mattress cover.







Photographers/ artists Eric Engles, Kenny Anderson and Glenda Jones each see the world through a special lens.  Their work spans from their travels and rich experiences with the arts and culture community.  Eric, Kenny and Glenda are currently exhibiting their work on exhibit in a year long exhibit at Harlem Hospitals Mural Pavillon and will share their experience through one of a kind prints, notecards and framed works and paintings. 






KITTYROSE is a STATEMENT of Style, Boldness and Retro images.
Her use of  Sliver & Copper Plated Wire with Plastic Beads make it very easy for women to wear Bold Accessories  without hurting their ears.  The Royalty Collection will focus on colors of yellow and brown, taking from the retro feelings of the 7o's Black Love Era.The woman who wears the Kitty Rose Royalty Collection knows who she is and makes no excuse for ALWAYS making Simple Statements.

"I work with mixed materials, mostly glass beads. I like to create collage style wearable art and small sculptures."
 "Burning Man” is from a collection of mine that represents  the cross-cultural relationship between African American Harlemites and the wider african diaspora.It reflects the intricate subtle interplay I observe  above 110th street. 




PUZZLES FOR US is the award-winning cultural edutainment series that spotlights the rich historical legacy and ongoing contributions of people of color to the global community. We specialize in the creation of exciting activity books, puzzle books, custom puzzles, workshops and other products that highlight these contributions in a colorful, engaging manner 



One of a kind bags made from repurposed leather
Each handbag you’ll find here is lovingly hand-crafted out of re-purposed, recycled leather. When designers and distributors create bags, they almost always find themselves with a surplus of "scrap” leather. I invite them to sell or donate their extra material to me, which I then use to create 100% original bags.  I’m proud to offer products that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but also give what would have been discarded a completely new identity; one that is as beautiful as it is unique.  My notecards, artwork, and these purses are a direct result of my life’s winding path. They are my legacy, a reflection of my greatest lessons and greatest gifts.

"Art is a form of storytelling and communication:  that too many artist fail to remember.  Although many of her artworks are in the acrylic painting medium, she continues to explore sculpture and mixed media.




Photographers/ artists Eric Engles, Kenny Anderson and Glenda Jones each see the world through a special lens.  Their work spans from their travels and rich experiences with the arts and culture community.  Eric, Kenny and Glenda are currently exhibiting their work on exhibit in a year long exhibit at Harlem Hospitals Mural Pavillon and will share their experience through one of a kind prints, notecards and framed works and paintings. 


A family owned business consisting of five creative daughters and their powerhouse mom. IMIP consist of aluminum earrings, nose-chains (face jewelry), beaded jewelry, hair, ear, feather accessories,hats, and fashionable clothing.


 Sharon White-McCaskey is the founder of Sasi’ Designs, which offers one of a kind handmade crochet designs, that are made with bold colors that express a dramatic flair and stylish funky edge. At a young age she was inspired by her mother who was an extraordinary seamstress.  Her knowledge of crochet was primarily self-taught.  She furthered her understanding of this technique by pursuing an assortment of crochet courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).








Alyce Faye Jarrett uses various gauges and types of wire as a primary source of medium to create art. Using a flat or needle nose plier to fashion a single piece of wire into an image with the same swiftness one uses a pencil to sketch or a brush to paint, I create unique one of a kind pieces of artwork. This method allows for the freedom and scope of seemingly drawing inthree dimensions which lends total control of the rhythms implied in my finishedworks, asadmirers have often referred to them as "rhythmic sculpture on canvas”.  With a little imagination, the possibilities have been endless.






Photographers/ artists Eric Engles, Kenny Anderson and Glenda Jones each see the world through a special lens.  Their work spans from their travels and rich experiences with the arts and culture community.  Eric, Kenny and Glenda are currently exhibiting their work on exhibit in a year long exhibit at Harlem Hospitals Mural Pavillon and will share their experience through one of a kind prints, notecards and framed works and paintings. 





 Evetta Petty is a graduate of New York’s Fashion institute of Technology with a degree in Textiles and Fashion Marketing.  For over 20 years, Evetta has designed hats in her uptown New York studio, Harlem’s Heaven Hat Shop.  Her hats have captured worldwide attention and have been worn to the Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot in England.  Evetta is proud to have been chosen as an emerging entrepreneur by The President William Jefferson Clinton Foundation.

Evetta designs an extensive line of hats and accessories. She travels the world to cities like Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, and New Delhi, looking for unusual textiles to create a more global head wear experience.  Her hats have been worn by many celebrities such as Patti LaBelle and Star Jones, and featured on TV shows like Anderson Cooper Live and The View. She has created hats for movies, fashion magazine covers, and editorials such as Essence, Jet, Italian,Mujer Unica,Vibe,Fashion Affair, and The New York Times.  Harlem’s Heaven Hats are a part of the art exhibits, "ASHE TO AMEN” and also "THE GLOBAL AFRICA PROJECT”.   She is known for her big and bold hat pins.  Her hats have humor, whimsy, rhythm, and fantasy. Her hats can be found in her New York store and on her website.     



 Harlem Arts Alliance is a network based arts service organization comprised of established and emerging visual and performing artists, art lovers, businesses and organizations that serve the arts and culture community in Harlem and the Greater New York City area.  Harlem Arts Alliance, your connection to arts and culture, features its signature Artz, Rootz and Rhythm Series and annual Festival. These highly acclaimed events present more than 300 of our established and emerging visual and performing members, at more than 50 indoor and outdoor venues throughout Harlem. Our professional development series is designed to strengthen and grow the skills and capacity of the individual artists and arts organizations in our network of over 1,000 members. By popular demand, our HAA monthly meetings provide the optimum setting for artist networking, member presentations and community building.



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