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Bocafloja Film "Bravado Magenta"

  • Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute 120 West 125th Street New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

Bravado Magenta: Film Screening W/ Bocafloja | Coloniality & Patriarchy Exposé

The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) will be hosting a free screening of Bravado Magenta, a performative documentary directed by interdisciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker Bocafloja. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the filmmaker.

About the film:
Bravado Magenta is an exposé on the intersection of coloniality and patriarchy. This performative documentary critically analyzes racialized masculinities through self-cartography and storytelling. Written and Directed by multidisciplinary artist and scholar Bocafloja (Nana Dijo, 2016, Dir.), Cinematographed by Cambiowashere and Juan L. Azpiri, Bravado Magenta engages in a relevant discussion on gender, sexuality and global south studies. With testimonials from Devyn Springer, Zoé Samudzi, Fabián Villegas, Njoki wa Ngugi, Rodolfo Rensoli, Zahira Kelly amongst others, Bravado Magenta manifests itself as a deep journey into corpo-politics. Visual poetry, non-linear narratives and provocative film aesthetics illustrate the constitution of Bravado Magenta as a theatrical exercise of self-representation, challenging traditional schemes of documentary filmmaking.