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About My HARLEM Arts Alliance Experience
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"Had it not been for you and HAA's steadfast belief in the arts in Harlem, I would not have received the support I and other artists so desperately need to keep creating. Not even the money so much as the sense of community, and your unwavering support of our right to exist and be accounted for. Thank you for your perseverance." ~Vienna C.

"Great organization and effort doing this work!" ~Andrew C.

"I am honored to be a HARLEM Arts Alliance member." ~Denise B.

"HAA is doing an amazing job." ~Louise F.

"Thank you HAA! for your professionalism in organizing, producing, and providing a venue for artists to express their talents. I must say, Saturday, July 17th at the Jackie Robinson Park Band Shell was a DIVINE experience for me I won't ever forget. Again thanks, and thumbs up! for the HAA Staff in all the hard work and effort used to make dreams happen."  ~Dina

"As a member of HAA, I have appreciated the services the organization provides." ~Sonia B.

"I really love the organization. It has been extremely helpful to my entrepreneurial goals." ~Nerissa R.L.

"As an intern at HAA, I was fortunate to spend my summer working with such a passionate and creative staff. They are truly dedicated to serving all disciplines of the arts and have exemplified the meaning of this organization. I enjoyed working for the HARLEM Arts Alliance most especially because of its commitment to cultivating the arts in the Harlem community." ~Rachel S.

"I truly appreciate the progress and have been afforded a great many opportunities because of my membership in HAA." ~Laura G.

"The sky is the limit with what you guys have created in this beautiful organization." ~ Mario B.


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