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Becoming a Member

As a member of HARLEM Arts Alliance, you join a broad network of artists and arts organizations committed to the continued cultural development of Harlem.

Through your membership you can consistently reach the most dynamic and responsive community in Harlem, the creative community. You will be able to include the distinctive HAA logo on all of your promotional material and take advantage of our outstanding Member Benefits.


Membership Rates



Level 1 Organization
(annual budget/revenue under $200K)

Level 2 Organization
(annual budget/revenue from $201K - $500K)


Level 4 Organization
(annual budget/revenue over $1 million)

Level 3 Organization
(annual budget/revenue from $501K - $1M)


Meeting Information

Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) monthly meetings provide a platform for emerging and established artists and cultural organizations to present upcoming events, network and share resources.   For additional information, please contact the HARLEM Arts Alliance at


Interactive Sessions
Harlem Arts Alliance interactive sessions are held in partnership with our member organizations  All requests to present must be made 10 days prior to the interactive session date, by 4 pm EST.  All requests are reviewed for approval by HAA staff.  To submit an agenda request, Click Here.


Session Dates and Locations
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Meeting Schedule Click Here


For Presenters
All announcements without tech requirements are allotted (3) minutes.  Presenters that use with use projection, internet, cd or dvd for playback are allotted a (5) minute presentation. 

All presenters with tech are required to meet with the technical staff and to test equipment.


The Agenda
An agenda is distributed to all attendees and includes relevant information from all scheduled presenters. 


Membership dues are accepted at the check-in desk at each meeting.  You can make a check payable to Harlem Arts Alliance.  You can also renew your membership online at

*For more information regarding Monthly Meetings email 


Contact Us

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