Art in the Gardens | Shed Murals project Call for Artists

Art in the Gardens | Shed Murals project Call for Artists NYC Parks GreenThumb’s Art in the Gardens is currently requesting proposals for artists to participate in the 2nd annual Shed Murals project. Asha Hanna Afro Clouds | Shed Mural at Thomas Boyland Community Garden in Brooklyn ABOUT GREENTHUMB Established in 1978, NYC Parks GreenThumb is proud to be the nation's largest community gardening program, assisting over 550 gardens and over 20,000 volunteer gardeners on 100 combined acres of open space throughout New York City. GreenThumb's mission is to educate and support community gardens across the five boroughs while preserving open space. By providing free garden materials, technical assistance, educational workshops, and seasonal programs, GreenThumb supports neighborhood volunteers who steward community gardens as active resources that strengthen communities. ABOUT ART IN THE GARDENS Art in the Gardens is a growing public art program within the GreenThumb community 1 gardening program. Art in the Gardens works with community gardeners, and neighbors, who are interested in creating public art in GreenThumb community gardens. Through both ongoing reviews of proposals, and targeted Requests for Proposals (RFP) - like this one! - GreenThumb supports the collaboration of garden groups and artists to bring more art to NYC community gardens. ABOUT THE SHED MURALS PROJECT The Shed Murals project is an annual initiative that has dual purpose - to provide sheds to gardens in underserved communities and enhance both new and existing sheds with beautiful artwork through cultivating collaborative relationships and partnerships between local artists and community gardeners. GreenThumb is currently accepting proposals for artists interested in developing and installing mural art in the following community gardens: ● Clinton Community Garden (Lower East Side, MN) ● Jackson Forest Garden (Claremont Village, BX) ● Jardin de las Rosas (Fordham, BX) ● Hooper Grove (Williamsburg, BK) ● Nehemiah 10 (East New York, BK) ● Neighborhood Community Garden (Crown Heights, BK) ABOUT THE SHEDS The sheds are corrugated steel which allows for a mostly paint-based medium, though mosaic work will be considered. Shed walls measure: four walls at 10’ L x 6’10” H each –OR– two walls at 5’ L x 6’10” H and two walls at 8’ L x 6’10” H. ELIGIBILITY Applicants can range from professional artists to community gardeners with love of art-making. In an effort to cultivate deep-rooted local connections, preference will be given to artists from the gardens’ surrounding neighborhoods – though all are encouraged to apply. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Please provide detailed responses to the following prompts. In total, your narrative responses should be no longer than two (2) pages. 1. Past Experience: Please summarize your past experience designing and installing public art. Please include: 1 ● Artist’s resume and/or a description of the sponsoring organization. Include the name, address, and phone number of the contact person. ● Up to ten images of the artist’s previous work. All images must be clearly labeled with the name of the artist, title of the work, media, and dimensions. 2. History in the Community: Include the name of the community garden you wish to work with. What historical or current connection does you have to the selected community garden site or the neighborhood in which it is located? 3. Community Engagement Plan: Describe your plans for engaging the community garden group in the planning, development, and installation phases of public art? How will you ensure that the art is representative of the larger community? 4. Plan for Sustainability of the Art: Describe your plans for sustaining / preserving the public art displayed in select community garden site. Deadline for submissions is March 11, 2019, 11:59 p.m. Submit your proposal by email to Ariana Arancibia, GreenThumb Project Planner: – Subject: Shed Murals 2019

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